CV Formats and Examples

There are three different CV formats suited for different job situations.

A Chronological CV

A Funtional CV

A Combination of a Functional and Chronological CV

  • It is written with your most recent job listed first
  • Its strengths lies in listing your educational and relevant work experience
  • It’s a traditional format but drawbacks include showing gaps in employment
  • It highlights your transferable skills and therefore your marketability
  • It is ideal for people who have had ‘gaps’ or breaks in their employment history
  • It is also a useful format if you are making a career change
  • It is more difficult to write as it takes time and thought compiling your skill sets
  • It has the structure of a chronological format, but includes a relevant skills section
  • It emphasises your marketability

How do I decide which type of CV is best for me?

The answer may depend on the job description, but there is a definite trend towards functional/chronological CVs
To help you decide - think about these questions

  • Do you have gaps or breaks in your employment history?
  • Are you staying in the same area of work or having a career change?
  • Have you had several short term or seasonal jobs?

CV Examples

CV Example - Administration

CV Example - Health Professional

CV Example - Hairstylist

CV Example - Construction

               cv               cv               cv               

Susan has 8 year’s work experience in the Hospitality Industry and in Retail Sales. She has undertaken study initially in the food preparation having first considered a career in hospitality but subsequently decided her interests lay in administration and staff management.

Lauren has extensive work history as a health professional working in the health sector in a variety of roles. She is now applying for a coordinator position that reflects her skills and experience


Amanda is a mature student who has decided to fulfil an ambition to become a Hairstylist. She has moved from pharmacy retail work into a hair salon to gain initially experience and then undertaken training to reach her goal of becoming a trained Hair Stylist.

John is a young carpentry student who is seeking an apprenticeship in the construction industry.

CV Example - Cookery

CV Example - Electrical

CV Example - Plumber

CV Example - Carpentry

                                            CV               cv

Jessie is a mature student with a wide range of work experience who has decided to move into the culinary industry. She is seeking part-time work as a chef while she continues her studies to gain some experience.

Bill has just finished his Level 3 Electrical Engineering certificate and is nowlooking for part-time work while he work towards attaining level 4.

James is a plumbing and gasfitting student who currently studying towards his Level 3 certificate. He is seeking an apprenticeship which will help him towards his goal of becoming a qualified tradesman.

Jonathon is a young man who has completed a pre-apprenticeship carpentry programme. Prior to undertaking his training he had worked in the building industry initially in retail sales and then working as assistant carpenter cutting and assembling wooden frames and roof trusses for houses.

CV Example - Food and Beverage

CV Example 1 - Primary Teacher

CV Example 2 - Primary Teacher

              CV               CV               CV

Daniel is studying towards Level 3 & 4 certificates in Food & Beverage. Daniel needs to secure part-time employment so he can continue his studies and ideally would like to gain experience in the hospitality industry.

Helen has recently completed the bachelor of primary teaching and has also completed two primary school placements. She is looking for a career in Primary teaching

Mason has recently completed the bachelor of primary teaching. He is looking for a career in Primary teaching teaching middle school students