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This page has links to useful documents and the EIT Timetables and Programmes and Classes delivered at the main campuses in the Tairawhiti and Hawke's Bay.



Click here for the 2020 Timetable (From EIT Campus)

Click here for the 2020 Timetable (Outside EIT Campus)

NOTE: Change may occur to Timetabled locations or times of classes, or to the courses offered, due to a variety of circumstances.
Students are reminded to CHECK THEIR TIMETABLE close to the beginning of the semester to verify times and locations



Click the following links for handy Calendars showing the weeks of the year.

2020 Calendar



How to read the timetable  [show | hide]

EIT Timetables are printed with the day down the side and time across the top.
Time is in 24 hour clock so that 2pm shows as 14:00.
On some timetables a day may be missing. This is because there are no classes booked for that day.

The duration of an activity is shown by the number of columns it covers - each column is half an hour. Four columns means two hours.

The start time is the left hand edge of the cell, the finish is the right hand edge.

Hints and Tips about viewing and printing timetables [show | hide]

On the Timetable grid the course label is cut off in the activity cell
Change the orientation of the print out to Landscape - this will give more room across the page. Do this from the Page Setup command from the File Menu before you print.

I want to print out just my group timetable for tutorials
If you are in the same tutorial group (eg Gp A) for all of your classes, then use the Student Group type of timetable. If you are not sure of the proper name of your group, click on the List button to find your group. If you are with different people for each tutorial, you will still need to use the Programme timetable.

My timetable changes over the semester. What is the best way to print this?
Break the semester into smaller sets of weeks - so you print up to where a change occurs eg instead of 7-25 try 7-15, then 18-25. For some programmes it may be necessary to print one week at a time.

How do I know if the timetable changes?
Lecturers who request changes are responsible for advising students of changes to their courses. The Intranet timetable will not indicate where changes have occured. Check your timetable regularly.

How to make your timetable a favourite in the Web browser
Once set up this removes the need to go to the Timetable intranet pages or enter information in the timetable selection page.

  1. Go to the Timetable selection page on the Timetable intranet and make the relevant entries.
  2. Click View Timetable to get the timetable grid on screen.
  3. On the Internet Browser's menu bar at the top of the screen click on Favourites, then Add to Favourites. Give it an appropriate name eg Timetable Term 1. Click OK. This will now appear on the Favourites menu. You can now exit the timetable.
  4. To use your Favourite, just go to the Favourites menu and click on your timetable entry. The timetable grid will appear.

As this Favourites sends the same request to the web server each time, if you need to see different weeks, or a different course, you will need to go back into the Timetable intranet and give new entries.



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