Evaluation of the Student Experience at EIT

Evaluations / Surveys of student experience at EIT are an important part of the Quality Assurance, Self Assessment and continuous improvement of EIT. The main purpose of these evaluation surveys is to bring about improvements in teaching and learning to enhance outcomes for students and other stakeholders.

Evaluation processes and results inform EIT’s self-assessment processes by providing meaningful information and reflecting the students’ perspective on their experiences while studying at EIT.

In the following, you will find summaries of the results of the First Impression and Graduate Destination surveys that were held in the past years.

Results from Course and Programme evaluations are kept in the schools and the results will not be published.

First Impressions Survey


To determine how well EIT services have enhanced the student experience and met student needs in their first six weeks of study. The survey provides EIT students with a formal opportunity to give feedback on the services they have received and helps to identify opportunities for improvement.

First Impressions Survey Reports





Graduate Destination Survey


Graduate Destination Survey Summary Reports