Watch how you can access Lynda.com using an EIT login

Watch how to embed a video or course in EIT Online


Who can access the lynda.com training materials? Currently active staff, and enrolled students access lynda.com tutorials through EIT's license agreement. If you do not have access and feel you should, please contact the IT Helpdesk.
Who should I contact if I get an error message when attempting to use lynda.com?
What are the minimum machine requirements for using lynda.com? System requirements can be found at: http://www.lynda.com/support/SystemRequirements.aspx
What URL do I use to access the lynda.com training materials? Direct sign-in via lynda.eit.ac.nz or view the information page and sign-in through myeit.eit.ac.nz/Lynda. Going directly to http://lynda.com/ will NOT provide free access to all the tutorials and training materials.
Do I need to create an account at lynda.com? No. You need only your EIT login and password to access the lynda.com tutorials through EIT's license agreement.
How do I add a link or embed a course or video in EIT Online? Learn How-To Add Lynda.com to EIT Online.
How do I directly link to a course or tutorial? You must sign in via myeit.eit.ac.nz/Lynda or lynda.eit.ac.nz before clicking on the direct link to share a course or video.
Do I have to log out of lynda.com when I am finished viewing the training materials? Logging out is encouraged. If you forget, you will be logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Can I bookmark my current location in lynda.com? Yes, via the bookmarks menu.
Can I access my training history? Yes, you have access to your history in your profile menu at the top right of the screen.
Can I use lynda.com on mobile devices? Yes, view the mobile device page on lynda.com for more information.
How do I sign-in via the app on my device? See the instructions on the mobile page.