Personal Statements

This is an optional section of your CV. The idea of a Personal Statement is to write 2 or 3 sentences about you (to follow your Personal Details section) that summaries and highlight strengths and skills. A prospective employer reads this statement, likes what he/she reads and is interested in reading more of your CV to find out more about you. Instead of using the wording ‘Personal Statement’, you could choose to use ‘Work Goal’ or ‘Career Objective’ as headings.  If you decide to use a Personal Statement it is important that it is targeted toward the position/s you are applying for.  It is okay to use “I” statements when writing this section. Your Personal Statement/Work Goal is a part of your CV you can change easily to suit the specific job you are applying for.

Personal Satement examples

1. I hold a Diploma in Office Administration and have computer skills in Microsoft, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and MYOB. I have an outgoing personality and several years experience in the customer service industry. I am keen to seek a work opportunity where I can utilize my skills.
2. I enjoy being with children and having the ability to use my creativity and my nursing skills. As a self motivated person, I would enjoy the challenge of working in this area.
3. I enjoy interacting with the public and I am accustomed to dealing with people from varied walks of life in a variety of circumstances. I enjoy working in a busy working environment where the challenges are regular and stimulating.
4. I am looking forward to working in the building industry because I enjoy seeing the results of my work. I enjoy being physically active and moving from one project to another. I am hard working and look forward to developing my skills and knowledge.
5. I hold a degree in computing majoring in programming and software development. I am keen to join your company where I can utilize my skills in creative, innovative and challenging ways.


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