Preparing your CV

What is a CV?

CV is the abbreviation for curriculum vitae. This is Latin for ‘the course of one’s life’, and is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as "an outline of the person professional and personal history". Some employers use a CV primarily as a screening out process. Your CV must be aligned with the job specification and criteria; doing so will enhance your potential of being selected for an interview.

How you set out your CV depends on you - there is no right or wrong way to prepare your CV, but there are some key points to keep in mind.


Why prepare a CV?

Your CV should be specific to the particular job your are applying for and cover the relevant aspects of the prospective position.


CV Tips

What makes a good CV?

CV Formats and Examples

Click here to see different CV formats and some CV examples.

Cover Letter

What is a Letter of Application and why should you have one?

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Personal Statement

This is an optional section of your CV. The idea of a Personal Statement is to write two or three sentences about you (to follow your Personal Details section) that summaries and highlight strengths and skills. Click here for some examples of Personal Statements.

Personal Qualities

Click here to see a list of words that you could use in your CV or Letter of Application to describe you and your skills.



How to write a Resume

Best Skills to put on your Resume

How to write a Cover Letter

Choosing the Best Resume Format


Paragraph 1
This paragraph must contain information on why you are writing. It must be clear and to the point, and should include:

  • Which job you are applying for
  • Where and when you saw the job advertised

I wish to apply for the position of Marketing Assistant as advertised in the TradeMe website on 20th October 20xx.......

 Alternatively you could try a more energetic and enthusiastic approach
The above position really appeals to me because
           I am extremely interested in finding out my about the position of…
           My previous experience and qualifications would be ideally suited for…. 
           The above position (named in heading) is just what I have been looking for… 

Paragraph 2

The detail in this paragraph must be about you. It should include:

  • Why you want this particular job. The challenges, the people, the products and services
  • Further details of your skills, qualifications and experience relevant to this position-often this will include some personal observations or reflections on how you work and why you enjoy working in this area.
  • What you have to offer the organisation.


During my two years of study towards my Diploma in Marketing I worked part time in a Marketing Co-ordinator position for a locally based nationwide wholesaler and importer of sporting goods. The position gave me the opportunity to develop promotional material for retailers and the print media. I found I enjoyed developing promotional material and working as part of a team. The work was stimulating and challenging and rewarding particularly when products sold well and retailers commented on the quality of the advertising material.

Paragraph 3

Your concluding paragraph will be optimistic, forward-looking and positive:

  • Tell them that you look forward to meeting them and discussing the position
  • State your availability for an interview
  • Thank them for their time


Please find enclosed my curriculum vitae, I would welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss my application with you in detail. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


Covering Application letter Layout Example

51a Kokako Road                                                    (Your address)


(4 Lines)

20 September 20xx                                                ( Date )

(4 lines)


The Personnel Manager                                         (Company details)
Name of person
Company XYZ  Ltd NZ
Private Bag

(4 Lines)

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms                                                      (Name)

(2 Lines)

Paragraph 1

(2 Lines)

Paragraph 2

(2 Lines)

Paragraph 3

(2 Lines)

Yours sincerely                                                    (If you know the addressee’s                                         
Name; you sign “sincerely”.
(4 lines)                                                                  If to the Personnel Manager
sign it; “faithfully”) Sally Green

Susan has 8 years work experience in the Hospitality Industry and in Retail Sales. She has undertaken study initially in the food preparation having first considered a career in hospitality but subsequently decided her interests lay in administration and staff management.

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