Job Searching

Successful job searching starts with knowing who you are, and what you can offer.

Finding a Position


The four step process to finding that job you want!

Approaching Businesses

Cold calling or a referral to an employer works because many employers say that they tend to hire people they know, people they have met or people they have seen.

Calling upon a business without an appointment takes determination and a good deal of courage, therefore preparation and confidence in your own ability and interest in the industry are important to you feeling positive about the process.

An alternative approach to cold calling is to use your personal networks to identify an organisation that you would like to work for.


NxtStep is a secondary school and tertiary careers and employment website which has transformed the way organisations promote and communicate career opportunities to tertiary talent around New Zealand.

NxtStep was established to create some cohesion of information for a group of young New Zealanders with some big decisions to make! Their goal is to assist youth as they navigte their career and employment journeys.

Self Assessment


Identifying your strengths, preferred skills, knowledge, interests, including community interests and values, is essential.

The clearer you are in determining your relative strengths and identifying the sector you wish to be employed in, the more confident you will be in pursuing specific jobs.


Finding Work

job search

While there are many ways to look for work, here are some strategies that will increase your chances.

Getting Your First
Post-Grad Job

Visit the Post-Grad work website for job searching material.