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How to get a job section
Job opportunities across New Zealand
Employment engine site
NZ government job opportunities
Māori focused employment opportunities

New Zealand and Australian job opportunities. It  also offers advice and tips related to jobs searching
Job opportunities across Australia
Working in the United Kingdom provides good information about finding work, Applying for a visa and more
Employment opportunities in Australia
Information for health professionals seeking employment in Australia
Accounting and finance recruitment Auckland and Wellington
Find Jobs in the Pacific Islands, including environmental jobs, conservation jobs, development jobs or volunteer jobs in the Pacific Islands

New Zealand health or business related jobs.

Career planning


Comprehensive site with good information relating to career planning
Excellent site with lots of good information on career planning
Free diagnostic tool to help individuals consider possible career options
Career success tools

Assessment tools


American- career exploration and job information
Online tool to assess career interests
See interactive tools section on the front page

Job hunting


Job search advice

Job resources for new migrants


Links of new migrants to work opportunities
A site to assist members improve their English language skills
A mentoring programme in the greater Auckland area for skilled migrants
Napier city council employ a settlement support person to assist new migrants
Opportunities for migrant employment in greater Auckland
Supporting migrants to settle in Auckland including employment workshop

Attend free Auckland Chamber of Commerce course on how to get a job in NZ, network with other job seekers and find out how the can help you

Employment agencies


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