Interview Tips

 The Key to success in an interview: Preparation, Presentation, Practice

Interviews vary in length but are in the order of 40-60 minutes so the time is limited to make the impact needed to win the job is brief!

Identifying your strengths, preferred skills, knowledge, interests, including community interests and values, is essential along with appreciating what type of work environment you prefer.

The clearer you are in determining your relative strengths and identifying the sector you wish to be employed in, the more confident you will be in pursuing specific jobs.

It is important that you spend time identifying your skills or talents. Can you identify your top ten skills?
E.g. advising, designing, illustrating, organising, persuading, editing, writing, counselling, networking, planning,  researching, assessing, teaching, trouble shooting, drawing, diagnosing, treating, caring for, analysing, evaluating, sketching, constructing, coaching.

Consider the skills you have developed while studying, this may include; time management, researching, analysing, problem solving, writing skills, expressing ideas coherently, presentation skills, working cooperatively and negotiating, helping others express their ideas, technical and project management skills, IT skills that allow you to create specific solutions and computing skills that allow you to complete tasks efficiently.


Personal and Work values:

What do you consider important?
What motivates you?
What makes work activities are satisfying and engaging?
What types of interactions with others in work are important to you?



What activities do you like to engage in, both work and leisure?


Interpersonal skills

Co-operate with others
Work independently
Able to express ideas clearly
To listen effectively and reflect others ideas accurately
Have a perspective that appreciates that consumers/clients/stakeholders are to be respected.
Sense of humour



The 20 Hardest Questions to be Asked in an Interview

Here is an article on the 20 hardest questions posed in an interview, its useful background preparation and another perspective on potential questions that could be put to a candidate. It highlights the need to be well prepared and understand the role thoroughly; your strengths and competencies to undertake the role and more generally what do you understand about yourself, what motivates you, how do you cope with pressure, what achievements can you point to.


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