Interview Preparation

 A job interview not only tries to find out if you can do the job, but also if you are the best person. Interviewers try to access both aspects in the interview process.

Job interviews can be as straightforward as this:                                              

But increasingly many of you will face an interview process containing some or all of the following elements:


Click on each of these YouTube clips below to find out more information about interview techniques, advice and tips:


Guide to writing a CV


Interview Techniques - Using the STAR Method


3 Things Hiring Managers Want to Know About You


How to introduce yourself in an interview


The following links will cover aspects of Employer Viewpoint, some Tips for Interviews, Finding Work and Four Steps to Finding a Position.

Employer Viewpoint

employer viewpoint

For an employer, recruitment is an expensive and time consuming process. It is therefore important that you present yourself in the best possible light in the interview.

Tips for Interviews


The Key to success in an interview: Preparation, Presentation, Practice

Finding Work

job search

While there are many ways to look for work, here are some strategies such as researching the organisation, that will increase your chances.

Finding a Position


The four step process to finding that job you want!

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