Approaching businesses

Cold calling or a referral to an employer works because many employers say that they tend to hire people they know, people they have met or people they have seen.

In respect to cold calling you have a 25-30 second “window of opportunity” to impress the potential employer.

The key parts of a cold calling are as follows:

A sample script is as follows:

“Thank-you for seeing me, I appreciate that you are busy.  I am very interested in future opportunities with your company.  I’d like to leave you with a copy of my CV and a letter that introduces who I am. Is it possible to speak with you now about my background, or can I arrange an alternative time perhaps later in the week?”

With this approach you are giving the employer an option to schedule a meeting at a more convenient time or the opportunity to spend a few moments immediately.  

Calling upon a business without an appointment takes determination and a good deal of courage, therefore preparation and confidence in your own ability and interest in the industry are important to you feeling positive about the process.


An alternative approach to cold calling is to use your personal networks to identify an organisation that you would like to work for. Arrange an appointment with the employer either personally or by asking your contact to arrange an interview on your behalf.

The process is similar to cold calling. Be prepared with a well thought out reason for seeking the interview, that is, you are interested in future employment opportunities.

Say why the organisation appeals to you and explain how you can contribute positively to the organisation, utilising your skills, knowledge, education and training including any practicum or industry based learning that you have completed.

Have your CV prepared and offer to leave it with the employer along with a letter introducing your self as described above.


Follow up on a regular basis

Having met with the employer you may wish to consider writing and thanking them for the opportunity to meet and restating your strong interest in working for the organisation. If you do not hear back from the company take the initiative and approach them again often persistence pays off.

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